Devi Rituals

Devi Rituals

Various rituals are conducted at the Linga Bhairavi to allow devotees to benefit from the Devi’s abundant Grace. These unique rituals assist in every step that one takes in one’s life, from birth and death, to everything in-between. These rituals are designed to ensure that every life situation becomes a possibility to be touched by the Divine.

Daha Nivaranam

This arpana is done to quench any intense desire for both men and women. This includes offering of consecrated jala in an adorned copper pot to the sacred Vata Vriksha (banyan tree) at the Linga Bhairavi assisted with a powerful chant. This offering is particularly beneficial for young girls/men desiring marriage, childless woman desiring children, and for fulfillment of any deep seated desires. Only two people get the privilege to offer the jala on a single day.

Sarpa Seva

Sarpa Seva is an offering made to the intertwined Divine Sarpas at Devi’s abode, by any two individuals who share a relationship, such as husband and wife, brother and sister, or business partners. This arpana can bring significant transformation in their relationship. It also aids in building a strong constitution and improves fertility.

Sarpa Seva is also available for those seeking to ward off naga doshas (certain planetary positions that may cause negative effects), particularly marital obstacles, major hurdles, lack of prosperity or progress, and chronic ill health.

Klesha Nasha Kriya

This is an aura cleansing process, it is done to ward off any negativity and provide one with a protective aura. It is an essential aspect of health and well-being. It is available to all.

Wedding Rituals

Marriages (Vivahas) and wedding anniversaries (Shastipoortis at the 60th birthday of the husband) can be celebrated in the Presence and Grace of Linga Bhairavi. The couples adorn each other with beautiful garlands, especially made for the occasion. During the wedding ceremony which is conducted in a close darshan, a moving and powerful Bhairavi chant enhances the couple’s receptivity to Devi’s Grace.

A wedding with full rituals includes garland exchange and Vilakku Seva, Daha Nivaranam, and Sarpa Seva (with kumkum). The wedding can be customized according to the couple’s preferences.

Vilakku Seva

This is an offering of 111 ghee lamps adorned with turmeric and kumkum to appeal for the Devi’s Grace. Assisted with a powerful chant, this offering brings auspiciousness, enhances overall wellbeing, prosperity and success for the entire family and for generations to come. For those who are seeking inner spiritual light, offering of these ghee lamps creates harmony, helps to avert obstacles, pacify the upheaval of five elements and leads towards wisdom, symbolizing the transformation involved in the quest of knowledge/enlightenment.

Karna Veda

This universal and age-old tradition of ear piercing is practiced for various reasons – therapeutic and aesthetic ones alike. At the Linga Bhairavi, ear piercing is done at specific energy channels, which enhances memory and the ability to retain knowledge. It is done safely with great care, under the Grace of Devi. It is available for children and adults.

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