For Children

Rituals For Children

All rituals for children are performed in the Devi’s presence. The processes involve energized Theertakund water being applied on the chakras of the child or taking a dip in the Theertakund, a powerful aura cleaning process, a Samarpan offering in the child’s name, nakshatram written on a palm leaf, abaya sutra, a complementary Bhairavi chant CD and much more. All children’s rituals culminate in a special aarti for the child.


A name-giving ceremony, to mark this significant milestone in a child’s life, it is performed in the Devi’s presence. During the process, the child is placed in a beautifully decorated cradle. This rite helps to enhance articulation, wellbeing, longevity and offers protection for the child. Immediate family members, close relative and friends are all welcome to take part in this ceremony.

Anna Prasanam

It celebrates the introduction and transition to solid foods and marks the beginning of the blossoming phase of a child’s life. This is a wonderful occasion for celebration involving immediate family members and friends, where each one can participate in the symbolic feeding of the first bites of solid food. This ceremony enhances the child’s health, longevity, strength, and vitality.

Karna Veda

Karna Veda A universal and age-old tradition of ear piercing which is practiced for many reasons, therapeutic and aesthetic ones alike. At Linga Bhairavi, ear piercing is done at specific energy channels, which enhances memory and the ability to retain knowledge. It is done safely with great care, in the Grace of Devi.

Chuda Karma

The first tonsure of hair is an important ritual. It rids the child of negativity, establishes freedom from the past and moves the child into the future. It also stimulates proper growth of the brain and nerves.


This ceremony introduces young children into the world of knowledge, letters, and the process of learning. It is exclusively designed for children to begin their education and brings forth the wealth of true knowledge.

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