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The Most Exuberant Expression of the Divine Feminine!


Increase your Well Being
The energy of Linga Bhairavi strengthens the three basic chakras in the human system.
Live Life Intensely
Devi’s grace and presence will enable you to live life to the fullest intensity!
Transcend the Physical
Allow Devi’s Grace to function and you will naturally transcend the physical and touch the spiritual.


Overcome Obstacles
For those on the spiritual path Devi’s benevolence helps in overcoming obstacles.
The Mother Goddess
She is the ultimate manifestation of the mother goddess.
The Ultimate Giver
Whether a devotee is seeking material or spiritual blessings, she is the ultimate giver of all that and more..


Poem by an Isha Meditator

Have you ever been witness to the birth of a goddess?
I mean a real live one…with ten hands and everything?
I have.

She was beautiful.
She’s a little sensitive…she needs to be pampered. And o my, when she’s happy…!
The whole world would be yours if she wished it!

But she knows that you can’t handle the world so gives you a little…
just the right amount that you can handle.
Have you ever been witness to the birth of a goddess?

I have.
Have you seen her woo her lover?
Oh! You missed the way she wooed him.

The static and unwooable one.
Yes, she wooed him with her spearmen and fire.
With her bells and handmaiden.

But the most beautiful was when she wooed him with her grace.
Have you ever been witness to the birth of a goddess?
I have.


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