Devotion Is Devoid Of You

Devotion Is Devoid Of You

Sadhguru on How to Approach Devi

Ifyou want to know the dimension of Devi, you need devotion in your heart.  Devotion is a crazy thing.  Devotees always look crazy.  Look at you – when the whole world is going about doing their business, you are wearing red and sit like this.  If you want to experience Dhyanalinga, you need awareness, you need alertness, you need to be meditative, you need to sit still.  But if you want to know her , you need aliveness, you need exuberance of life, you need madness of devotion.  I am insisting on madness because your very existence here, you being here without knowing the fundamentals of where you come from, where you go, what the nature of your existence is, your understanding of the existence and yourself is quite insane, actually.

Modern science is proving to you that what you see is not true, what you hear is not true, what you touch is not true, what you sense is not true.  Nothing that you are experiencing right now is the way it is.  This is not philosophy, this is established science today.  So, if everything that you think you know is not true and you are quite confident about what you are doing, I think that is insanity.  So, insanity is not a new thing to you.  I am only talking about making it into a joyful, beautiful process.  Anyway you are insane, why don’t you make it into a joyful insanity?  Why make it into a struggling, miserable insanity?  You know among the crazies, some are joyful; not a moment of stress in their life – totally happy, always laughing.  If you laugh for no reason, people think you are crazy.  Nobody says “he is crying like crazy;” people say “he is laughing like crazy.”  Because the majority of people have taken the position that miserable insanity has won.

Now, devotion is a crazy thing.  Devotion is that which is devoid of you.  Devotion is not a love affair.  Love itself is a crazy thing, but there are shreds of sanity attached to it; you can still recover.  In devotion, there is no shred of sanity.  There is no way to recover.  Devotion does not allow recovery.  When I say “devotion,” I am not talking about belief systems.  Belief is just like morality.  People who believe some nonsense think they are superior to others.  The moment you believe something you don’t get any better; it is just that your stupidity gets confident.  Confidence and stupidity are a very dangerous combo.  You should never have them together, you know, but generally, they are together. You very often find them together because that is their nature.  Intelligence and hesitation are natural.  The more intelligent you are, the more hesitant you actually become in many ways because if you start looking at all the dimensions around you, you clearly understand that what you know is so minuscule – there is no way to act in confidence. Belief systems take away this problem.  They give you enormous confidence – but they don’t cure your stupidity.

So, devotion is not about believing.  “So, should I believe all this?  This Shiva, this Shakti, this Devi, this Bhairavi – should I believe all this?”  No, I am not talking about belief; I am talking about moving into trust.  “So, how can I trust?”  The fact that you are sitting here – comfortably or not – that’s trust, because you know, there have been incidents where the earth has opened up and swallowed people; there have been incidents where pieces of sky have fallen on people and people have been crushed to death; there have been situations when the very air that you breathe has turned against you; there have been situations where whole groups of people have died of drinking poisoned ganji.

So, you are anyway trustful, unconsciously, un-lovingly.  Just learn to be trustful consciously, lovingly – that’s devotion.  Anyway, for you to walk on this round planet which is traveling at a tremendous speed, you need trust.  For you to sit here, smile, to listen to somebody, you need trust; enormous trust, isn’t it?  Just learn to sit here consciously, lovingly, trusting the existence the way it is.

Devotion is the sweetest way to be in the existence.  A devotee has the sweetest experience of life.  You can decide who the idiot is.  The whole world may think he is an utter idiot, but he is having the sweetest time on this planet compared to anybody.  Devotion is a different level of intelligence.  It is like… See, this banyan tree – don’t underestimate him – he is over 20 to 25 years of age.  He just kept himself small because he wanted to move into the this space.  If he had, like a fool, grown big, who would bring him in here? Maybe somebody would cut him and burn him to cook food.  See, he is very smart; he contained himself – and look at his fortune!  In the next one year, people will worship him more than anything else here.  People will bow down to him; people will offer milk and ghee, and whatever else.  What they will not offer to their children, they will offer to him.

There is a certain intrinsic intelligence in life.  A young bird, for the first time it is full with eggs, no experience behind it.  Did not go to any engineering college as to how to engineer a nest.  This brilliant engineering, nobody taught it, but the moment it is pregnant, it knows that it has to build within a certain time.  I have watched this phenomenon so closely because I have birds and squirrels and other creatures, even a lizard and snakes and everything in my home.  They are the residents; I am a guest, you know.  Only in the last four months I have stayed here.  They are all surprised who this guest is.  They are all looking at me with certain scorn, “Why is he overstaying like this?”  “Always, he used to just come for two, three days and left.  And now, three, four months, disturbing the breeding season and everything.”  I don’t disturb them, but still they don’t have privacy because of me.

As I watch these birds building nests around the house closely, the urgency with which they are building…  They did not go to a maternity home where a doctor took an ultrasound scan and told them what date the delivery is.  They just know, it’s coming.  Always in time they build, always in time.  There is a very deep sense of intelligence in life, especially if you get pregnant.  Life is phenomenal intelligence; pregnancy is double intelligence.  But unfortunately, for most people, pregnancy happens unconsciously, not necessarily but probably un-lovingly.  If it only happened consciously, lovingly, all women should actually become at least 100% more intelligent by the time they are done with their pregnancy because what is happening in their system is a phenomenal process.  But only few women on this planet access that intelligence; most of them just miss it.  They just reproduced and serve the species by perpetuating it, hoping the next generation will live better.  That’s always the parents’ hope, isn’t it?  Hoping the next generation will live better means you obviously lived badly.



My concern is, will the next generation live as good as me?  It is not that I don’t have the wish that the next generation should live better, but I know they cannot, because if they could live better, I would do it myself.  Maybe they can do a few things better – but they cannot live better than me.  No generation can ever live better than me.  They may build buildings than me; they may do better things than me – but they cannot live better than me.  If it was possible to live better, I would do it myself.  Sounds utterly selfish and self-centered, not good…  No generosity.  The most generous thing that you can do on this planet is, you live to your peak and set an example that there is a way to live beyond all limitations.  Sparing life for tomorrow is not generosity, it is simply that you are such a kanjoos  [1] , you can’t love totally, you can’t laugh totally, you can’t be joyful totally, you can’t give what you have – you are a kanjoos on all levels.  I don’t know, kan-juice, that word is not good; you shouldn’t use the word “juice” when you are referring to such people.  Juice means richness, juice means giving, juice means throwing life out.

So, when you come to Devi, if you want to have a taste of Bhairavi, you need devotion.  Devotion means you are not a kanjoos; you are full of juice.  Every moment, everything that can ooze out of you is oozing out of you; nothing is held back – that’s a devotee.  A devotee is seeing how to expend his life as rapidly, as fully as possible.  Not somebody who is trying to conserve life; not somebody who is planning to live tomorrow – somebody who is living now, absolutely.  So, he is so absolute that he loses the need for any company.  He loses the need for this or that; he is the way he is not because he is useless, but because he is choice-less.  Moving from compulsiveness to choice is evolutionary, you know.  I don’t know if you went through the primate level because some people are still behaving like reptiles, hissing and biting each other all the time…  Monkeys have a strong sense of community, isn’t it?  A very strong sense of community…

So, the life that was compulsive has become choice.  To move from compulsiveness to choice is evolutionary, but to move from choice to choicelessness is revolutionary.  This is the silent revolution of realization, that you are moving from choice to choicelessness; not compulsiveness, choicelessness.  Choicelessness is a natural state for a devotee. When you are ecstatic within you, what are you going to choose?  Only when you are miserable, you have a choice with life.  If you are absolutely ecstatic, there is no choice about life.  There is only one way to be; there is no other way to be.  If you have two ways to be, you are trying to force life.  You cannot force it with her .  This is like a swayamvar – you have to just sit there bright and shining.  If you are a droopy one, who is going to choose you?  If you are bright and shining, maybe.

I was telling people the other day, “I am particularly concerned about those who believe they have some thinking capabilities because you have such thinking capabilities, you may think yourself out of life.  You may think yourself out of paradise.  You have already thought yourself completely out of the divine embrace.”  Your thinking is so efficient, you can think yourself out of the ecstasy of life.  You can think yourself out of the very source of life which is throbbing everywhere, and now go in search of it.  The Divine is not lost; it’s just all over.  You have thought yourself out of all that, so you are also capable of thinking yourself out of the consecration.  Rest your thinking for three days; maybe you can think well later.

The moment you think, you divide the world.  A devotee is not seeking truth.  A devotee is not trying to unravel the mysteries of life.  For him, life and existence is not a problem. It is only for a thinking person that existence is a problem and he has to solve it.  A devotee is not seeing existence as a problem; he is just part of it.  He is not in search of God; he is just part of it.  He is not in search of truth; he is just part of it.  He has melted, partially at least.  See, this mercury has become like this: you can make it round, you can make it square, you can make it whatever you want.  A devotee is like this.  Just wait for some time, this mercury will harden in such a way it will be harder than steel.  But if I do certain things right now, it will just melt in my hand and become liquid.  Have you seen how mercury behaves?  So, devotees probably love rasa.  Rasa means “mercury;” rasa also means “juice.”  So, a devotee and this rasa are connected because a devotee is not a kanjoos; he is juice.

We need to do something very important today.  I want you to be here in devotion.  As I have said earlier, devotion is not about believing and disbelieving.  Devotion is about being trustful in a conscious and loving way.  Anyway if you have to exist, you have to be trustful.  If you do not trust, you cannot take in the next breath.  You are anyway trustful, just do it consciously, lovingly – that’s devotion.  She is feminine; even she is a fool for love.  If you are here as a devotee, she will yield and serve you in a million different ways, in ways that you cannot understand.  But if you try to understand her, you try to grab her, you try to get her – there is no way.


[1] Hindi for “miser”

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